Mariana Gindlin has been a full-time Cantor/Musical Director in the United States for the past 13 years, starting in Florida and ending in Las Vegas by way of California. Before coming to the United States, Mariana was a Cantor at congregations in Buenos Aires where she also served as a Music Teacher and Choir Director for several prominent Jewish institutions. In the United States, she has taught workshops at the 2005 American Conference of Cantors convention in New Orleans, the 2005 Coalition for the Advancement in Jewish Education (CAJE) convention, and the Jewish Reconstructionist Federation convention in 2010. For the last six years, Mariana has also been teaching workshops about Latin American Jewish Music at the American Jewish University.

Born and raised in Buenos Aires, Argentina, Mariana felt a passion for Judaic music early on in life and has devoted her career to teaching, performing and leading liturgical and popular Jewish music. In 2001 she served as a Cantor in the Libertad Temple in Buenos Aires, where her father sang for 30 years in the professional choir.

She studied at the Latin American Rabbinical Seminary and at the National Conservatory of Music in Argentina. In America, she completed the 2-year cantorial program of study and practice for Cantors at the Institute for Jewish Spirituality. The program has been developed for Cantors who seek to deepen their own spiritual lives and develop their abilities as spiritual leaders and guides for others. Participants live and learn together for two five-day retreats each year. Retreats combine meditation, prayer, text study, musical study, singing and group discussions.

Cantor Mariana is currently enrolled at the Academy for Jewish Religion in Los Angeles, where she is studying to become a Rabbi.

In addition to her musical skills, Mariana is a licensed psychologist (UBA) and is fluent in several languages, including English, Spanish, Hebrew and Yiddish.

In 2007 Mariana was selected to officiate at a Kabbalat Shabbat prior to a dinner in honor of the Israel Prime Minister Ehud Barak at the American Jewish University.

Mariana has produced and performed in three critically acclaimed CDs of inspiring Jewish music. In 2003, she released a CD called “Kol Ha’Neshamah” where she sings favorite Hebrew songs. In 2007 she released “The Music of Our People” featuring fellow cantors interpreting heartwarming Yiddish and Ladino songs. In 2008 she released a High Holy Days double album with beautiful inspirational music.

Cantor Mariana Gindlin has performed extensively in concerts throughout the world. She was invited by the Cantors Assembly to perform at the Philharmonic Hall of Krakow as part of the Jewish Music Festival, and also in the city of Ariel, Israel, as part of the CA first mission. She was also invited to sing in the cities of Berlin and Tel Aviv as part of the CA second mission.

She has produced and sung in numerous benefits for the Magen David Adom and various Temples.

Cantor Mariana Gindlin is also very committed to social justice and interfaith community work. She has been working together with the LVVISC, which is an organization comprised of diverse communities that have come together to build relationships and act together for the common good. She helped LVVISC launch Nevadans for the Common Good, a sister organization that enables community leaders to engage in public life. She delivered the opening prayer at the founding convention in front of 1,500 leaders from 65 congregations and community organizations in Nevada.

Cantor Gindlin organized the 2013 Global Day for Jewish Learning for the city of Las Vegas, and was asked to do it again in 2014.

She has traveled to Israel with a group of Las Vegas’ Christian pastors and rabbis, on a trip the CUFI (Christians United For Israel) organized in January 2014.

Mariana’s enchanting voice, love of Judaism and music, and her engaging and charismatic personality, resonate with all her congregants and touch everyone who knows her.